Below the Knee Prosthetics

Teaming with innovative component manufacturers, we stay on the leading edge of technology, offering specialized products and services for all activities and functional levels. We are frequently called upon for product testing and development and are proud to partner with our suppliers to continue to develop creative solutions for individual needs.

Unity® Vacuum Systems

Unity®- Vacuum suspension without a sleeve enables amputees to enjoy the real freedom of vacuum suspension for their prosthesis, without the need for a sleeve. It's designed to minimize changes in the volume of the limb throughout the day and, because it is made by Össur, it's totally compatible with Flex-Foot®  technology.


The world’s first foot module equipped with artificial intelligence by Össur®, this innovative technology responds to the user’s motion, providing confident, balanced motion for a multitude of situations.

PROPRIO FOOT® offers an unprecedented level of mobility and stability for a world that is not flat. The powered ankle motion, intelligent terrain adaptation and natural function of PROPRIO FOOT make it the most life-like prosthetic foot available.

  • Powered ankle motion
  • Intelligent terrain adaptation
  • Natural function

Delivering unprecedented physiological benefits, the design of the PROPRIO FOOT significantly reduces many of the compensatory movements that amputees often find themselves doing.

The core foot design is based on proven Flex-Foot® technology, which incorporates lightweight, yet very strong carbon fiber that is cured and layered in processes similar to those used in the aerospace industry.

Motion analysis for the PROPRIO FOOT is built on the patented technology platform from Dynastream, leading experts in the research and development of proprioceptive, "smart" devices using inertial and wireless technology.

Vari-Flex® XC Rotate™

Össur®'sVari-Flex®  XC Rotate™ combines the established Flex-Foot® attributes of energy return and smooth roll-over, with valuable shock absorption and rotational capabilities.

Lightweight and easy to fit, the foot incorporates a torsion cell, which helps to reduce rotary forces on the knee joint and shear forces on the residual limb. The dual carbon keel lessens the impact of vertical forces, while the EVO feature helps to enhance stance control and roll-over motion, boosting overall walking comfort.

Designed to accommodate hiking and other high impact activities, as well as level ground walking, Vari-Flex XC Rotate is ideal for active people who want to use a single, lightweight foot for a wide range of everyday activities.

Vari-Flex® XC

Össur®'s Vari-Flex® XC features the established Flex-Foot® attributes of energy return and smooth roll-over.

Talux® Foot

Össur®'s Talux® foot has a tarsal core and Achilles Strap that provide multi-axial function, while the Dual J-Springs enhances forward motion, giving users ideal proportions of balance and agility.

Emulating many of the anatomical features of the human foot, the Talux has been specially designed to provide fluid, natural walking motion in a variety of terrains, for users of low to moderate activity. Talux now comes with a sandal toe for ease of footwear selection.

K2 Sensation®

K2 Sensation® by Össur® has a flexible, full length fiberglass keel, designed to promote user confidence and stability.

The multiaxial function is intended to mimic natural movements, in addition to providing a smooth progression from heel strike to toe off, delivering all the comfort necessary for low impact activities.

It is lightweight and has a sandal toe, pleasing users who prefer an aesthetically pleasing foot.