Spinal Orthotics

Spinal orthotics are some of the most popular types of devices used throughout the industry, with back injuries and spinal disorders being a highly common problem within patients of all ages. To treat chronic pain, spinal fractures, scoliosis, and provide support after surgery, the team at Creative Technology Orthotic & Prosthetic in Denver and Westminster, Colorado, uses cutting-edge technology to create the best spinal orthotics for all patients. From the moment a patient steps foot in our office, our practitioners will deliver the best, compassionate care, ensuring that they feel comfortable and at home. The team at Creative Technology will conduct a thorough assessment of your spinal problems to determine which device will yield the highest results. Our Denver spinal orthotics team is dedicated to designing a custom-made spinal orthotic that not only is the perfect fit, but ensures proper spinal support for recovery.

Whether you having spinal surgery, need added support for a spinal disorder, or struggle with a back injury, Creative Technology Orthotic & Prosthetic’s Denver spinal orthotics provide patients with high-quality, custom-made spinal orthotics and scoliosis bracing. Take a look below at some of the spinal orthotics and bracing products Creative Technology provides to patients.

Trauma TLSO/LSO (Thoraco/Lumbosacral Orthoses)

Devices used to stabilize the lumbar and/or thoracic spine following surgery or trauma such as a fractured vertebra. These devices are custom molded to measurements or a scan taken of the torso and aggressively restricts movement and reduces stress on the spine.

Semi-rigid TLSO/LSO (Thoraco/Lubmosacral Orthoses)

Devices used to stabilize the lumbar and/or thoracic spine following an injury or surgery or to address pain. Since these devices are generally not custom molded, they are less restrictive than custom-molded TLSO/LSO.

TLSOs for Scoliosis

TLSOs are scoliosis bracing devices that are custom-molded to support the natural position of the spine. TLSOs for scoliosis are padded and have special features to prevent the scoliosis curve from progressing.

Call our Denver office today and schedule an appointment to meet with our Denver spinal orthotics team. We are happy to work with you and your physician to find a solution for all your spinal bracing needs.