Lower Extremity Orthotics

Functional Foot Orthoses

These devices are worn inside the shoe(s). By providing corrective forces, foot orthoses can help those with problems in their feet, knees, hips and back.

AFO (Ankle-Foot-Orthoses)

This is the most common type of orthotic device used. An AFO is used to control the motion and position of the foot and ankle in order to support weakness, control deformities or to provide support and corrective forces for a variety of issues related to the foot and ankle. AFOs can be made from polymer (plastic), metal/leather and carbon fiber.

FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation)

Used as an alternative to an AFO in many cases, FES is one of the most recent advancements in the field of orthotics and can address weakness and foot drop experienced by those affected by MS, stroke, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury. The device uses gentle electrical signals to stimulate the peroneal nerve, which is located just below and to the outside of the knee. In turn, this activates the dorsiflexor muscles, which are responsible for lifting the foot off the ground. Sensors in the FES system determine the appropriate time during the user's gait cycle to activate the stimulation. There are 2 main FES systems available. CTOPS offers complimentary evaluation of these devices in all locations.

KO (Knee Orthoses)

KO (Knee Orthoses): These devices support the knee for a variety of issues ranging from ligamentous injury, such as a torn meniscus or ACL, to osteoarthritis. Additionally, KOs are used post operatively to protect and limit the range of motion to the knee following surgery.

KAFO (Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses)

KAFO (Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthoses) devices are used to control a very weak or unstable knee joint. KAFOs can be fabricated from a variety of materials, such as heat moldable plastic and carbon fiber. There are 2 main categories of KAFOS - traditional and “stance-control”.

C-Brace Orthotronic Mobility system

Many of the orthotists at CTOPS are certified in providing C-Brace technology. Unlike traditional KAFOs, the C-Brace® reacts intelligently to the entire movement sequence. The unique combination of sensor technology and an integrated microprocessor makes it possible to control hydraulic stance and swing phase in real time. As a result, the system supports the user throughout their walking pattern. It can accommodate and continue support the user through a variety of terrain, speed changes, stairs, ramps and other changing conditions experienced throughout typical daily ambulation.

HKAFO (Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses)

The HKAFO provides maximum stability at the hip, knee, foot and ankle. It can be fabricated from polymer, carbon composites, hybrid variations, leather and metal.  Various styles of hip, knee, and ankle joints are available as per patient presentation and diagnosis. HKAFOs are used for a number of conditions, including muscular imbalance and/or weakness, paralysis (spinal cord injury, spina bifida, myelomeningocele), cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and MS.