Creative Technologies specializes in working towards matching your functional goals, and we work with all levels of amputation. It is our goal to provide custom orthotics and prosthetics that are equipped with the latest technology for superior use.

New technology offered for prosthetics includes light weight design, custom removable dressings, and computerized alignment, just to name a few. We also offer complimentary custom graphic design elements for your prosthetic because we know you are unique.

We want to highlight a few of our services and prosthetic options that give you the best quality and comfort in the industry.

Cosmetic Covers and Restorations:
While some people wear their upper and lower limb prosthetics openly, many others choose to cover theirs and present a less notable limb that more closely resembles their remaining limb or body part. Cosmetic covers and restorations provide great discretion without compromising the efficiency of the prosthetic for those people. Custom-molded silicone prosthesis can be designed to match your skin tone and include hair, veins, tattoos and freckles and nails. With cosmetic covers, you can feel better about yourself because you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

iLimb and iLimb Digits:
The iLimb from Touh Bionics is a remarkably lightweight, state-of-the-art technology for the upper limb (hand and arm) amputee that offers superior and provides more realistic movement of the hand with better finger function. Each of the fingers is individually-powered allow more functionality for daily living and accomplishing tasks.

Rheo Knee:
Speed and adaptability to changing walking styles is the trademark of the Ossur RHEO KNEE. This incredible device learns and improves its reaction time as the user wears it. This sleek knee prosthetic will make you feel safer with each step; it is an easy and comfortable transition for the user.

Whichever type of prosthetic you need, you can be reassured that Creative Technologies will have the latest designs and up to technologies with prosthetics and orthotics.