If you work at an office or another job where you’re sitting for most of the day, it can be hard to stay in shape. If you don’t get any physical activity in during the day, your metabolism slows down and it’s easier to put on weight. Creative Technology wants you to know you can stay fit even if your work isn’t very active; you just have to make a few changes. Try these simple ways to be healthier at work and you’ll have more energy and get better sleep at night!

Bring equipment to work
Keeping dumbbells and resistance bands around your office or cubicle will keep you motivated and you can squeeze in little workouts while you’re on the phone or reading something. Also think about switching out your desk chair for an exercise ball to keep your abs engaged all day.

Pack a healthy lunch
If you don’t plan, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits at work. Packed lunches will be healthier and cheaper than take-out any day. If you’re going to a lunch meeting, be the one who suggests going somewhere with healthy options.

Take a time out
A study from 2011 showed that office workers who took a few minutes to leisurely surf the web were more productive after they got back to work. Sometimes you need a little break that doesn’t involve coffee.

Walk around more
If you’re looking for more ways to move at work, park far away in the morning or bike to work, walk to co-workers’ desks to talk to them instead of emailing, and drink plenty of water so you have to get up for more bathroom breaks. Try squeezing in a workout during your lunch break or at least going for a short walk outside. Viewing nature can help improve your memory, in turn helping you with work.

Take the sweets down a notch

It’s fine to indulge every once in a while, but offices seem to have treats for birthdays and celebrations all the time. Suggest having one treat day a month, when everyone who wants to celebrate something that month brings their treats. That way everyone gets to enjoy the treats, but it’s much more limited.

You spend 40 hours or more at your job a week. Use these tips to make it a healthier place that makes you feel great.