Shopping for holiday gifts can be frustrating. We want to show love to our family and friends through gifts, but it is hard to know what they may want or need. At Creative Technology, we work with individuals living with prosthetic and orthotic devices every day. We know some of the challenges and needs that they have and have compiled a list of functional fun gifts to consider this holiday season.

Fuzzy and warm socks are a practical and welcome gift. The residual limb often becomes cold on winter nights so sleeping with a cozy sock over the limb can make the individual comfortable.

Many individuals struggle to put a shoe over their prosthetic device. A simple shoe horn can alleviate the frustration of donning a shoe.

Many individuals experience sore muscles around the residual limb. A massaging pillow can provide a comforting massage that eases muscle and limb tension. Many people have reported that the use of a massage pillow has also lessened the intensity of phantom sensations.

Walking on snow and ice is dangerous for everyone. But for someone with a prosthetic leg, it is especially difficult. If you are expecting snow and ice this winter, consider giving your loved one a pair of removable cleats. These slip easily onto a variety of shoe types and increase traction while walking on slippery surfaces.

If your loved one is an avid traveler, they may have some unique obstacles. A portable grab bar is easy to apply to any surface, like a shower wall. Find one that is compact enough to fit into the corner of a suitcase. If their prosthetic device requires electricity, your loved one may appreciate a power strip to use when traveling. Many individuals must rotate between charging their cell phone, laptop, and prosthetic device due to the limited electric outlets in hotel rooms. This gift would be saving them a lot of hassle!

For a more luxurious gift, consider a towel warmer. It can be miserable to slip on a cold silicone liner on a winter morning. The liner can be placed into the heated box of a towel warmer to be warmed up before it is donned.

We hope that this list has provided you with some helpful ideas to make your shopping a little easier this year. If your loved one is struggling with their prosthetic or orthotic device, we can help! We create and fit products for all ages and body parts and can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us for more information.