Growing up as someone with an amputation can be difficult. Children and teens often feel limited by their limb loss and only notice the ways they are different from those around them. But Creative Technology has gathered some advice for kids growing up as an individual with limb loss from kids and teens who have been there before. Share this advice with your child if they are struggling with their amputation.

Your attitude affects how others treat you
People are going to be curious and have questions. There is no getting around that. But the more comfortable and confident you feel with yourself, the more respect you will receive from others. If someone asks a question, offer a quick matter-of-fact explanation to put them at ease.

Laugh when you can
Having a sense of humor is one of the greatest gifts for those who go through life feeling like they are looked at differently. If you can crack jokes and laugh at yourself, you will help make others feel comfortable. Humor can also help you get through the natural ups and downs of life.

It gets easier
Whether you were born without a limb or lost it later on, it will get easier. As you get older, you get used to living with a prosthetic device or without a limb at all. Most people will also become more accepting of your difference.

Tell your family and friends how to support you
Your loved ones may act like nothing is different or they may try to do everything for you. But in different situations, you want different kinds of support. Instead of making your family and friends attempt to read your mind, tell them how to help. Be kind and patient with your requests. It is sometimes hard to say something to those who want to help, but they will usually appreciate some direction.

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