Its midmorning and you still have most of the work day left to get through. The one thing you know is your eyes want to close for a nap. It’s not just today that you feel this way; it is how you have felt for the last week!

Creative Technologies has ideas for you on how to energize your day because let’s face it, we all need a pick me up! Have no fear; we have many options on how to energize your day.

How to energize your day:

  • Eat a hearty breakfast. If you eat a quick breakfast of coffee and a bagel, your body is only temporarily stimulated which then leads to a crash. A mix of unrefined carbs, lean meat, and healthy fats will give you more energy because they take longer to digest.
  • Get moving. Whether you are on your lunch or afternoon break, walk around a bit. Walking for ten minutes can give you more of an energy boost than a nap ever could, a short walk will typically sustain you for another two hours.
  • Yawn away. Research has shown that yawning cools the brain down. By doing this, you are essentially waking up the brain.
  • Stretch it out. If the day seems to still be dragging on, try getting out of your desk chair and stretching. This will stimulate the body and mind, in turn giving you energy.
  • Listen to music while you work. Listening to an upbeat song will help you because it will raise your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • The color red. Research has shown that looking at fiery colors will stimulate your mind and kick you into high gear. Your muscles will work harder and faster if they are stimulated by red.
  • Work in chunks. As humans, we can only focus on one task for about 90 minutes. If you get up every once in a while you can refocus when you return to your task.

At Creative Technologies, we want you to make the best of each day and by staying energized, you can do just that.