As the weather gets cooler, it can be hard to get outside and be active. But staying inside on the couch or freezing yourself to the bone outside are not your only options. Creative Technology Prosthetic and Orthotics has a staff full of experts in prosthetic care. They suggest taking a dip in your community’s indoor pool. A warm pool can offer a soothing effect for aches and pains as well as give individuals an increased sense of balance. It is a great way to socialize with other people and offers a chance to get effective exercise freely without feeling any burden from a prosthetic limb or injury. Aquatic therapy and exercises have many different benefits on the body such as:

Circulatory system: Aqua therapy offers an intense cardiovascular workout that can help increase blood flow throughout the body.

Musculoskeletal system: By training your muscles in the water, you are strengthening them to make an easier transition to weight-bearing activities on dry land. It also allows those who sit in a wheelchair for long periods of time to gain a greater range of motion in the knee and hip joints.

Central and peripheral nervous systems: Aquatic therapy is often more tolerable for individuals who are experiencing a lot of pain than land-based therapy. The warm water helps decrease focus on stressors, decreases pain perception and allows people to perform exercises with less pain in general.

Mental benefits: Having the ability to move more freely in water can allow for feelings of normalcy and help boost your mood. The social aspect of participating in the activities with other can also improve your mood.

Aquatic therapy is a great way to receive many different health benefits. It can lead to enjoyment of different water sports such as kayaking or scuba diving and can also help increase your strength and overall activity. Creative Technologies wants to help you find a prosthesis that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at our different services to see how we can help you.