Your prosthetic device plays an important role, not only in your recovery from amputation, but in living your everyday life. That’s why Creative Technology works to find the best options for you to stay active, healthy and happy. One of the most technologically advanced options for an above-knee prosthetic leg is the C-Leg from Ottobock.

The C-Leg is designed to offer you comfort and stability throughout daily activities on any terrain. Sensors recognize when you’re not in a secure position and increase resistance, giving you the support needed to recover from a stumble. The “knee angle sensor” is constantly measuring your knee’s angle and speed to give control and stability while walking or standing. The “moment sensor” measures ankle movement throughout the walking cycle so it can provide the appropriate support at any point in the step.

The technology of the C-Leg allows amputees to enjoy a degree of activity that was never before thought possible. It offers two activity modes that can be programed to fit your most common activities. Switching modes is as easy as the press of a button on your wireless control. The C-Leg microprocessor makes it easy to get your prosthetic leg into motion with a natural start to your step’s “swing phase”. C-Leg standing mode helps you conserve energy while standing by giving support to your knee when it is flexed between 7 and 70 degrees. This gives you more stamina and comfort when you must stand for longer periods of time.

The C-Leg is designed to keep you active. Tasks like climbing stairs, avoiding everyday obstacles and walking backwards will begin to feel more natural again. Creative Technology is dedicated to providing you with the best prosthetic device to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter what your level of amputation is because we will work with you throughout the entire process to customize a product that fits your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to see if the C-leg is right for you.