Caring about the people we love is easy, caring for someone we love can be a bit tougher, especially if we are doing it all day, every day or for months and years on end.  Creative Technology sees and visits with many caregivers who are caring for our patients and understands many of the issues they face.

Here are some helpful tips from Creative Technology to the caregivers.

  1.  Take care of yourself.   We know that is easier said than done, but it’s so important. Watch out for isolation and signs of depression. Stay physically healthy and mentally strong by taking care of yourself.  If you are worn out and exhausted, who will care for any of you?
  2.  Seek out and ask for help. Seek out for help from other family members, friends and local agencies. You may be the main caregiver, but let others help lift your burden even if it’s just for an hour or a day.
  3.  Educate yourself on any conditions that are impacting the person you are caring for. Look on the internet or talk to professionals in the field. Find facts, not just feelings and opinions. Even online support can be informative and helpful.
  4. Talk to other caregivers. Talk honestly about caregiving and swap stories. You’ll learn more and you will have experience that can help them. Most importantly, you will learn that you’re not alone.
  5.  Trust your instincts (and Caregiver rule #6) but learn to let go what times. It’s okay to work with agencies and professionals, but remember that you know your loved best, so trust your instincts. At the same time, except that there are many things you can learn and be open to the fact that other people know what they are doing too.