Students are going back to school and every year offers an opportunity to participate in activities and learn new skills. Sports and extra-curricular activities give students a chance to excel in something other than grades. There are countless benefits that can be gained, and several of them are found below. A child with a prosthetic limb encounters daily challenges, some of which were covered in our previous blog.

  • Creative Technology hopes to provide products and services for anyone in need. Prosthetics are needed for many different reasons, and we are confident we can creative one specific for every person’s health and comfort needs. Creative Technology hopes you take these benefits into consideration when deciding whether or not to sign a child up for an out of class activity.
  • Sports promote discipline and teach a child the importance of practice. They learn how their skills can improve when they are working towards a goal. Whether a child has a prosthetic or not, learning discipline and focus at a young age will benefit them for the rest of their life in school, relationships, and the work place.
  • When a child is a part of a team, they feel a sense of belonging and commitment. They will learn how their individual actions directly affect the team. They will be taught responsibility through the importance of attending practices. Whether they are a star player, encourager, or help in practice, they are making a difference on the team better.
  • Physical activity is important to maintain overall wellbeing. Children will grow strong and improve their coordination. Creative Technology will work with patients to help them achieve their physical goals as well.
  • When children participate in activities outside the classroom, they are given an opportunity to socialize and form friendships. When they share victories and losses with peers, they form a unique and lasting bond. A child with a prosthetic may face difficulties with peers at first, but by spending time with them, they will become familiar and accepting of each other’s differences.

Creative Technology hopes you take these benefits into account when deciding whether or not to have a child participate in extra-curricular activities. Creative Technology wishes you a safe and fun school year filled with memories to last a lifetime.