August has arrived and school is soon to be in session. Kids are excited to move up a grade and be reunited with old friends and meet their new teachers. Whether this is a child’s first or fifth year in school, every year presents new challenges. A student with a prosthetic approaches unique challenges that come in different forms. Creative Technology offers these 5 steps to ease going back to school for a student with a prosthetic. If you are new to these devices, prosthetics are artificial limbs used to enable someone to regain function. They are made for people of all shapes and sizes, and at Creative Technology, we create prosthetics to meet the functional goals and needs of every patient. Creative Technology is pleased to help anyone who has suffered the loss of a limb.

  • Before fall classes start, it is important to ensure teachers are comfortable with a child’s prosthesis. It would be helpful to introduce the child to their new teacher so they can be informed of any difficulties that may arise and how to handle them. When the teacher is comfortable with the prosthetic, the other students are more likely to follow suit.
  • Along with meeting the teacher ahead of time, it is helpful to ensure the classrooms, bathrooms, and playground equipment is safe and accessible to a child with a prosthetic. Whether special equipment needs to be installed or guidelines made, doing this ahead of time will prevent accidents and confusion.
  • Prepare the child for questions and curiosity from other students about the prosthetic. Encourage them to be educated about their prosthetic so they can share with other students its purpose and how it helps them on a daily basis. Empower them with confidence to approach questions and curiosity from others.
  • If teasing does occur, encourage them to inform their teacher of the harassment. Let them know it is not acceptable and they do not have to endure it. Encourage them to stay calm and that getting upset may only make the situation worse.
  • Remind the child that everyone is different in some way. We are all made differently and have unique life circumstances that make us special. Encourage them to express their feelings and make sure to be a listening ear to how they feel.

Creative Technology hopes to assist anyone in need of a prosthetic or orthotic. We are confident our services can ease your life and provide you with skills and tools to approach every situation. Creative Technology hopes every child has a safe and successful school year!