Tyler Coleman

Clinical Assistant

In July of 2009, a machinery accident crushed Tyler's left foot and resulted in a below knee amputation. After recovering, moved to Colorado from Fremont, Nebraska and met his wife who had grown up only 40 minutes away from him! After becoming a patient of Creative Technology, Zach saw Tyler's potential to be an incredible asset to the company. Tyler is both an assistant to Zach with patients and in the lab, but also sees patients with the CARE program. When he's not knee deep in prosthetic work, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife Jess and their dog Roscoe, exploring the city, woodworking projects and also snowboarding.

*Our CARE program is a buddy system for new amputees, where Alina or Tyler track patients from amputation to weight bearing, offering a support system from someone who has experienced the process and assisting in keeping an open communication line between the surgeon, the patient, and the future prosthetist.