Alina Miller

Physician Liaison

After jumping out of a 4th story window to escape a fire in 2012 that resulted in a broken back and two broken feet, Alina had many surgeries to fix the left foot before opting for a below knee amputation in January 2016. She became a patient of Creative Technology is July 2016.

Previously working in natural foods, Alina dived "foot" first into the world of orthotics and prosthetics and got deeply involved in the limb loss community. Bulow/Creative Technology offered her a job as a physician liaison in August 2016 and she later became involved in the CAREprogram with Tyler. A Colorado native, when not at work she enjoys spending time with her husband Jeff and their two wiener dogs Olli and Flapjack, making cheese, and enjoying the Colorado craft beer scene.

*Our CARE program is a buddy system for new amputees, where Alina or Tyler track patients from amputation to weight bearing, offering a support system from someone who has experienced the process and assisting in keeping an open communication line between the surgeon, the patient, and the future prosthetist.