Sleep is one of the best medicines. Babies grow when they sleep. The best thing for a cold flu is sleep. Even plants and trees here in Colorado know enough to go dormant once in a while. So why do we as a people struggle with sleep? Creative Technology has an idea to help you sleep that you may not have thought of: exercise!

How do exercise and better sleep go together? Remember how our moms would have us go run around outside to wear us out? “They’ll sleep well tonight,” she would say and she was right. That still applies. The National Sleep Foundation has recently come out with a study saying a good workout during the day may help us get a good night’s sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation recently studied 1,000 adults ranging in age from 23 to 60 years. This group engaged in some physical activity to test the results.  Physical activity was activity that exceeded 10 minutes in the past seven days. The participants were separated into four different levels of activity:

  • Vigorous exercise: activities which require hard physical effort like running, cycling, or swimming.
  • Moderate exercise: activities which require more effort than normal like weight lifting, tai chi, and yoga.
  • Light exercise: walking.
  • No activity/exercise: those who completed no activity.

The results of the study showed that exercisers documented better sleep than non-exercisers. This better sleep was based on getting the same hours of sleep every night in every exercise category. Even more telling was that the non-exercisers also reported being sleepier than exercisers during the day. Exercise during the day brought better sleep at night!

You don’t have to be an Olympic sprinter to get exercise. Seniors, people with physical limitations and people who have never exercised will benefit too. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.  If you need bracing for sore knee, back or ankle, see the bracing available from Creative Technology today.